Jesus is Still in the Healing Business: Personal Encounters With Jesus

Physicians' Untold Stories: Miraculous experiences doctors are hesitant to share with their patients, or ANYONE!

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Personal Encounter: A Mother's Healing Journey

When I was just twelve years old, my world was shaken when my mother was diagnosed with cancerous tumors. The news was devastating, and it felt like our lives were spiraling out of control. However, amidst the darkness, we held on to our faith and sought healing through a special healing service at the Savoy Manor in The Bronx, NY.

During the service, a young pastor from Saint Louis, Missouri, prayed over my mother with unwavering faith. He encouraged her to revisit the doctor for her upcoming surgery preparation, believing that God's healing power would already be at work. To our astonishment, the doctor's examination revealed that my mother was tumor and cancer-free. Only faint spots remained on the X-ray where the tumors had once been. It was an undeniable miracle and a testament to the healing power of Jesus.

Biblical Promises: "Even Greater Works Shall You Do"

The scriptures are replete with accounts of Jesus' miraculous healings, and they also provide us with promises that extend beyond His earthly ministry. In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells His disciples, "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do because I am going to the Father" (John 14:12, ESV).

This powerful statement serves as a foundation for our faith in Jesus' continued healing ministry. It reminds us that, as His followers, we are not only called to believe in His miracles but also to participate in them. While some religious sectors may doubt the authenticity of modern-day healings, we can draw strength and assurance from the words of Jesus Himself.

Resurrection Life: Miracles of Jesus and His Disciples

Recorded Miracles: Testimonies of Divine Healing

Throughout history and even in our present time, there are countless recorded miracles that provide evidence of Jesus' ongoing healing ministry. These stories of divine intervention testify to the fact that Jesus is still in the healing business.

One such remarkable testimony is that of Sarah, a young woman who suffered from a chronic illness. Doctors had exhausted all medical options, leaving her with no hope for recovery. However, through prayer and faith, Sarah encountered Jesus in a powerful way. In a matter of days, her symptoms vanished, and her health was completely restored. Sarah's story is just one of many, illustrating the unchanging power of Jesus to heal.


Despite contrary beliefs from various religious sectors, my personal experience and the scriptural promises of Jesus have affirmed that He is indeed still in the healing business. From the time my mother was miraculously healed to the numerous recorded miracles throughout history, the evidence is overwhelming. Jesus' words echo through the ages, inviting us to believe and participate in His miraculous works.

In a world where doubt and skepticism often prevail, it is crucial to hold fast to our faith and share the stories of Jesus' healing power. By doing so, we inspire hope and encourage others to believe in the transformative work of Christ. Let us embrace the truth that Jesus is still in the healing business, ready to touch lives and bring about miracles in our midst.

Unleashing The Power of Prayer: A Must-Read Book for Christian Living

"Prayer for Wholeness and Restoration"

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before You today with hearts filled with faith and a deep longing for healing. We acknowledge Your sovereignty and Your unchanging love for each one of us. As we lift up the reader of this blog post, we ask for Your powerful touch upon their life, addressing not only their physical needs but also their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Lord, we know that You are the Great Physician, the One who can mend broken bodies and wounded hearts. We ask that You pour out Your healing grace upon the reader, bringing restoration to every area of their life.

For those who are facing physical ailments, we ask for Your miraculous touch. Whether it be chronic pain, illness, or disease, we pray that Your healing power would flow through their bodies, bringing complete restoration and health. Strengthen their immune systems, guide the hands of their medical caregivers, and provide them with wisdom in their treatment options. Lord, we trust that You are able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond what we can ask or imagine.

For those who are burdened with emotional pain, anxiety, or depression, we ask for Your gentle touch of healing and peace. Comfort them in their moments of distress, surround them with Your loving presence, and replace their sorrow with joy. Help them to find solace in Your promises and to experience the freedom that comes from surrendering their worries to You. Bring healing to their minds and hearts, restoring their emotional well-being.

Lord, we are also aware that there may be areas of struggle and challenges in the reader's life that have not been specifically mentioned. You know the depths of their needs, the silent cries of their hearts. We ask that Your healing power extend to these unspoken areas. Touch their relationships, their finances, their careers, and any other aspect of their life that requires Your intervention. Your love and power have no limits, and we trust that You will meet them at their point of need.

Finally, Lord, we pray for an outpouring of Your grace and strength upon the reader. Help them to persevere through their healing journey, reminding them that You are with them every step of the way. Surround them with a community of support, filled with love, compassion, and understanding. May their faith be strengthened as they witness Your healing power at work in their lives.

We offer this prayer with hearts full of gratitude, knowing that You are a God who hears and answers. In the name of Jesus, our Divine Healer, we pray.


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